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28 July 1980
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"People think it must be fun to be a super genius, but they don't realize how hard it is to put up with all the idiots in the world."

"Let's start at the very beginning. A very good place to start.
When you read you begin with...?
A - B -C"

Before you start reading me, before you hum the songs I sing for you, before you make meaning out of words that have flown out of me, here is the Alphabet that makes my world and words that make me happy.

A: Attitude, Arrogance, Amour, Adrenaline, Aesthetics, Azure, Arragorn.

B: Beauty, Boys, Bytes, Bites, Brains, Bounce-backers, Bag-end.

C: Chrome, Chatterbox, Catty, Comely, Crying out loud, Cartoons, Coffee, Cut the crap.

D: Dreams, Drowning, Do's, Don't's, Doodle, Dumbo, Daze.

E: Elephants, Elegance, Earnest - the importance of being,Enticing,Elves, Ents.

F: Fuck, Frolic,Furry, Fondle, Fragile, Free, Frivilous,Fudge, Fettucine.

G: Gigantic,Glide,Grumpy, Gross, Grand, Groin,Gimli, Garf, Gazdook, Gangsta, http://www.Google.com.

H: Harry Potter, Hair, Heavens, Hearts, Hail, Hindsight, Hmmmm-Haw.

I: Intelligence, Instincts, Illustrate, Insomnia.

J: Joy rides, Jumping Jacks, Jackasses, Jolly.

K: King of the world.

L: Lemons (and oranges), Lilts, Longing, Lounge.

M: Mary Poppins, Mystery, Myriad, Megalomania.

N: Nishant, Nima, Nostalgia, Non descript, Narcissism.

O: Oranges (and lemons), Orchestrate, Ogres, Opine.

P: Porcupine, Parody, Pout, Purple, Pasty, Proust, Port wine, Perigrine,Plethora, Peter,Panda, Pencils.

Q: Quills, Quench, Quiet, Quest, Quantum.

S: Shallow, Soft, Swallow, Serendipity, Stumble, Smudge, Strawberries, Sheen, Sigh.

T: Tarry, Tripe, Traipse, Tryst, Torrent, Talc, Thou, Took, Touch, Tiptoe through the Tulips.

U: Ustaad, Unbreak, Undo.

V: Violin, Vial, Void, Vale, Vouch, Valiant.

W: Wave, Warrant, Writ, Wound, Wry, Wolves.

X: Xime, Xerox, Xenophob.

Y: Yonder, Yale, Yawn, Yowl, Yoodle, Yap.

Z: Zee, Zombie, Zeus, Zoro, Zeal.

All the material - sense, nonsense or a combination of the two- is copyright under the Creative Commons License.

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Quote of the moment: "you seek and then despair, you find and the despair morphs. but the swans across a moon on cold spring nights is still worth it all." by fus

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